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You Have My Word feat. Benji By D Rap


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Intro/hook (Benji)
Baby you're the I gave ma love/
Don't you ever play with ma heart/
Let's not live this as a lie/
I'ma keep it real you have ma word/ x 2
Its you're boy D Rap
You have ma word, you have ma word ye-ah

Verse 1 - D Rap
 Ma word, you from a different world/
Seen alotta women but you sorta different girl/
I mean I'm all in, I keep fallin'/
In love with you I feel you like collin/
You the, morphine to ma pain, umrella to the rain/
You aint blood but I feel you flowin' in ma veins/
I'm pourin' out ma heart in these rhymes that I spit/
So you shouldn't be skeptical when I speak/
I'm not big as Sean, yet I'm so blessed/
To call you mine if you leave me that's a law case/
Coz you n me, a match made in heaven/
Mordern day Adam n' Eve, in the garden of Eden/
Forget the serpent I ain't gonna get tempted/ 
Trust issues not even a worry for a second/
I stay true to ma own, veracious/
Love so precious, how could I fail to respect that, yeah/


Verse 2 - D Rap

Pretty girl, Trizzy didn't talk about you/
But you surely are I ain't even tryna bluff you/
Juicy, B I G rapped about you/
Radio n Weasel had the same song come through/
I'm no different, I had to spit some too/
Couldn't bare that beauty strikin' me like a Ladu/
I'm thankful, to the Lord that I found you/
Waitin' for the day I hit your home in a Kanzu/
Introduce me to your parents/
Let em know they got another son like your fam been dreary/
I'm wary, of the dawgs tryna snatch you/
So they ought to know I got a barricade around you/
I play your centreback, you can call me Nesta/
Beautiful flower can't let em taste your nector/
Banshee, I'm the bad guy proctor/
Not your uncle but I protect you like Rebecca, gal/

Hook - Benji

Verse 3 

One of a kind, who you think A pass defined/
Your fellow gals hatin' but its okay they'll be fine/
Ma'am, look, I'm the type of guy/
To show you off like The-Mith coz I find it right/  
Uh, let's add more proof to the love lady/
Where the rings at? wanna seal it like a navy/
Baby, trust me, I'll never cross you/
Like J PAM did YK, I'm so true/ 

Bridge - Benji

Kano akayimba kambadde kumutima, nga kako/
Omanye ebiri ewange kiri serious bambi tonjiwa/
Kankukube embaga, nabo bateke, nabo bateke/
Bakimanye, yegwe musaayi, ogundi mumisiwaaaaaaaa/

Hook/Outro - Benji & D Rap
I couldn't even sing but I had to do it, yeah, uh/
Slimbeats connection

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