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100 Recently Uploaded Singles

1 Bitwale featuring Nshuti Mbabazi by Mesach Semakula featuring Nshuti Mbabazi
2 Munda Muli by Malaika Bridget
3 Make A Way Mpigiza by Ray G Rhiganz
4 Gwantama featuring Nina Roz by Serena Bata featuring Nina Roz
5 Nkubala by Flavia Mawagi
6 Wewano by Flona
7 Amazing Grace by Jehovah Shalom
8 Akalulu by Brian Dumba
9 Ntambula Na Yezu by Catholic Choir All Stars
10 In Keni featuring 2Qupe by Eddy Wizzy Music
11 Hello featuring Hid 16th by Emilian Starz featuring Hid 16th
12 The Locomotive Whistle Song by All Stars
13 Tease Me featuring Haze UG by Babayaga
14 I Am Blessed Remix featuring Ziza Bafana by Rashy K featuring Ziza Bafana
15 Tebakulimba Original Version by Mik Nashitag
16 Njagala Kuzina featuring Dj Adamz by Dappy 256
17 Barabagambira by Henry Kugonza
18 Wano by Resty Nwagi
19 Harari featuring Peace Lalisa by Disan Kasasa
20 Golden Slumbers by Blixxack
21 Nimefulah by Muwenda Mubiru
22 Njagala Manye by Danira
23 Addiction by Gabby Mirembe
24 Memories by Asher Cax
25 My Melody by Syfa
26 Weekend by Ykee Benda
27 Wendi by Solome Basuuta
28 No Touching by Coopy Bly
29 Dont Try To Change Me by Steve Keys
30 Follow Christ by Steve Keys
31 I Am Yours by Steve Keys
32 Nsazewo by Steve Keys
33 Joy To The World featuring Ruyonga by MoRoots featuring Ruyonga
34 Christmas Here by MoRoots
35 Kings And Queens by MoRoots
36 Silenced A Peaceful Protest by MoRoots
37 Omuka [Home] by MoRoots
38 Table For Two featuring JT by MoRoots
39 Take It All Back by MoRoots
40 Olusonyi Sonyi by Hil D
41 Bruk Off Your Body by Soundbwoy
42 Let Her Know by Afrie
43 Yodi Yodi by Afrie
44 Askari [Version X] by Afrie
45 Diri featuring Jam K by Javex Music
46 Byemukola Biki by Launcher Man
47 Akenge Kano by Chemical Deicon
48 African Queen by Sniper Rugz
49 Bimpe by Fewture Tense
50 Nkwagala Nyo featuring Eddy King by Josh D Kabaka
51 Everest by Josh D Kabaka
52 Ex Wabisubwa Instrumental by Manic Ley
53 Kansinze by Jason Elon
54 Njagadde by Collins Gavin
55 Tuli Babi featuring Jam K by Javex Music
56 Obunyonyi featuring Paya X Bleam Tad by Pacio Churchill
57 Pandemic by Brandon Chivas
58 Mubbala by Akelly Fitting
59 Simple Love by Collins Gavin
60 Katubikole by Collins Gavin
61 List Ya Balungi by Kalifah Aganaga
62 Drummer featuring Oma Da Pro by Martha Mukisa
63 Ready Fi Di Dance featuring Dpass Rhymes by Holy Soujah featuring Dpass Rhymes
64 Byo Nkolela featuring Master Parrot by Sk Simeon featuring Master Parrot
65 Kulagako Remix featuring Roden Y Kabako by Frank Jay featuring Roden Y
66 Emberazo by Karby Ofia
67 Obuteeka featuring Reckie Racheal by Gboy Revins
68 Love Eno by Amalyn
69 Oluvannyuma Zuli Tums Cover by Sumi Keyz
70 My Only by Candy Beibe
71 Candy Crush featuring Nina Roz by Vital Triplets featuring Nina Roz
72 Silyekyusa by Faith Phibby
73 Save Africa by The Elect
74 Apology by BV The Writer
75 Butter by Jackie Kats
76 Bwaseka by Jackie Kats
77 Nakupenda by Jackie Kats
78 Niiwe Wenka by Jackie Kats
79 Yabimala by Jovi Keyla
80 Tonta Yesu by Jovi Keyla
81 Super Man by Jovi Keyla
82 Tukikore featuring Bright AB X Mr Rod X Vian Brown X Lucky Star by Dj Hillary Pro UG
83 Daddy by Dexter
84 Offuge featuring Phila Kaweesa by Richy Kaweesa
85 Ebiro Byaffe by Richy Kaweesa
86 Daddy Agenze featuring Phila Kaweesa X Espe by Richy Kaweesa
87 He Will Make A Way by Richy Kaweesa
88 Victorious by Richy Kaweesa
89 Good Music by Richy Kaweesa
90 Onkubira by BV The Writer
91 Nzuuno by BV The Writer
92 East Or West by Grace Khan
93 Am Not A Criminal MQ featuring Nubian Li by H.E Bobi Wine featuring Nubian Li
94 Taasa featuring Omumpembe by Dr. Hilderman
95 Happy Birthday by Milton Splendour
96 Nesonyiwa by Shama K Brown
97 Nuwabaine by Ray City
98 Celebrate by Lil Monton MC
99 Aliko Aka Face by Nubwoy Shilling Don
100 Eryaato by Pastor Wilson Byamukama

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