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100 Recently Uploaded Singles

1 Mpola by Ryko D Lyrical
2 Pick Up The Phone featuring Tucker HD by Ninja C featuring Tucker HD
3 One Love by Vital Triplets
4 Abeerawo by Wisdom Kaylor
5 Clean Once by The New Creation In Christ
6 Am Bad by Jolly Jade 256
7 Organic Manure featuring Simon Bunks 13 by Planet Aaron
8 Jamgu featuring Mr Salt Official by Lilli Tatianah
9 Camera by Kemishan
10 Hot Property featuring K Rock by Smaxt Bwoy
11 My Motherland featruing All Stars by Pr Wilson Ssewanyana featuring All Stars
12 Kyamulawo by Jarie K
13 Munda by Farooq Kay
14 Mubiloto by Farooq Kay
15 Yala by Smaxt Bwoy
16 One Two by Dagala Official
17 Fresh Mind by Smaxt Bwoy
18 Gwok Will by Smaxt Bwoy
19 Ssi Musango by Sky Go Getter
20 Rukundo by Kayfa Vitaal
21 Never Give Up by Kayfa Vitaal
22 Nze Wendi by Jarie K
23 Hero by Gi Wise
24 Ensi Nehinduka by Gi Wise
25 Surrender by Gi Wise
26 Embabazi by Gi Wise
27 Yezu Wange by Father MEK
28 Webale by Father MEK
29 Yyemwe by Father MEK
30 Siridanyuma by 50 Kaliba Willy
31 Amazzi by Zil
32 Blessed featuring A Pass by Byg Ben featuring A Pass
33 Oh God featuring Richlean James by Byg Ben
34 Dala Dala by Keya
35 Tereza by Vian Music
36 Papa by Drdi Fas
37 Tondabawo by BKceleb Majic UG
38 Onobikola by Mozero Vybz
39 Njagala Kulaba by King Micheal
40 MAsh Up featuring Zip Taga X Hoad X All Stars by Dj Shiru featuring All Stars
41 Science by Sherry Matovu
42 Tiikinga by King Micheal
43 Twala Ekitiibwa by Florence Mukwaya
44 Emmanuel by Florence Mukwaya
45 Musege by Nisay P
46 Die For You by Nisay P
47 Go Down by Nisay P
48 Buzibye featuring Nutty Neithan by Deejay Crim featuring Nutty Neithan
49 Ndi Kyendi by Judith Babirye
50 Tulibabili by Brisher Kash
51 Sisiba Kkira by Sharon Peyton
52 Silina Nambika by Sewa Sewa
53 I Love You Bae A - Z Acoustic Version by Lydia Jazmine
54 Gano featuring Hevan Aimers Dance Crew by Derrick Rich Da Rapper
55 Am On A Search by Irene Kroger
56 Niiwe [Its You] by G-Sha Iano
57 Tongaba by Nag Lian
58 Zzina by Kapeke
59 African Queen Cover by Kinaawa Good Music
60 Mbaho by Lillian Nabaasa
61 Happy Birthday Kabaka by Tripple S Music
62 Am A Winner by Triple S Music
63 Niiwe Owunkwenda by Henry Kugonza
64 Righteousness by Milton Splendour
65 Engabi Nagakabo by Nag Lian
66 Run For You by Sasoman Djay
67 Ndese Kano by A Boy Kelvin
68 Naaba Mumusaayi by Sylvia Butayi
69 Nzanni by A1 King
70 Netaaga Omwoyo Wo by Sylvia Butayi
71 Oli Lwazi Lwange by Sylvia Butayi
72 Tumuyimuse by Sylvia Butayi
73 Gwe Weka by Akelly Fitting
74 Wato Wato by Akelly Fitting
75 Dance With Me featuring M Royce by A Boy Kelvin
76 Tubikole by A Boy Kelvin
77 Akaliba Akendo by Born Wizzy
78 I Lose Control featuring M Royce by A Boy Kelvin
79 Gonza by Jhavie Kash
80 Follow by Khing Levy
81 Dear Mama by Khing Levy
82 Zina Dance by Khing Levy
83 Yemurikye featuring Omega 256 by Luda Lax
84 Amami by Khalca
85 You And Me by Arthur Arctic
86 Friend Zone by Mike 256
87 Kamudingidi by Trichi Mofud
88 Nadigida by Trichi Mofud
89 Ndi Wuwo featuring Pallaso by Ava Peace featuring Pallaso
90 Only Jesus by Angella Katatumba
91 New Kubuz featuring EeZzy by Laxzy Mover featuring Eezzy
92 Sexy Gal by Jonathan Vokoz
93 Lubiri by Kim Wizzy
94 Mbala Lunaku by Micro4ne Vecta
95 Kiwumulo Kyange by Haruna Mubiru
96 Ka Number by Anita Da Diva
97 Shake Your Body by KYx Kajiiko
98 Mbeera featuring Grace Morgan by Levixone
99 Sukali by Elsa Tawa
100 Onsesasesa by Jonah Seven

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