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This is Elvis and ELLY, join us as we worship Jehovah, the almighty God, the creator, the wonderful God.
This is the day he s made, we gonna rejoice in it, we gonna worsip his holy name, let me hear somebody shout Hallelujahhhhhhhh

Verse1 [ Elvis Lembe]

You created the light and caused it to shine on me, you are wonderful God
You clothe the grass of the field and feed the bird just to show me that you are a providing God
You care for me, 
you bless my eyes to see
how powerful and loving you are
King of kings forever. be my lord wherever that i ll beeee
am your servant.

Chorus [Elly KIM]

Beautiful God, you re my creator
Wonderful God, my provider
Beautiful God  ohhhh
Jesus s Wonderful God ohhh
ohhhh, you re so beautiful
ohhhh, no one like you
maker of everything x2

Verse2 [Elvis Lembe]

You restored my life forgive and forget my sin, oh my God your mercy is greater
I cannot imagine how great are your plans for me
Help me love like you love,
to be good as you are,
this life will be worthy and everything will be alright
oooohhh with shout of joy today i fully sing
let me sing

Chorus [Elly KIM]

Bridge [Elvis Lembe]

You ve done marvellous things
so beautiful things
all creation displays the power of your name
you are wonderful God
and so great is your work
incomparable we join our voice as we sing to your name
No one like you jesus. you re worthy to be praised, you ere worthy to be praised
Hakuna kama Yesu, wastahili sifa, 
wastahili Sifa

Chorus [Elly kim]

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