Olina Kyononya, Ask Me??

Sing Along Lyrics

Waded by Baker Smallz



And we\'ve waded through the suffering the pain
And bitches ride the dick like the A-train
That\'s why I flip
Keep a lighter to my hip
Take a banger to the crib, 
you know she got to strip
Stay dip, take out of stay trips 
Don\'t drink a lot of Heineken,
I only take a sip
I\'m a skipper, like a captainnn,
rappin\' is my speciality
And the best is me

We killing up these niggas,
bringing drama
Wiping snitches never wanna see me blow up
As am talking am entebbe 
Am the rapper,am the emperor am the king
Am the chief and the watch man am the don
Am the preacher,distributor am el chapo  
Am the vision am the mission 
am the goal of ma city
Nobody love u like yo hood do
Bitch yall talking too much 
Bend down and suck a nigga uhmmm

Puff puff pass pass 
Thats the rule number one
Get the money number 2
Bless you streets number 3
Forever young number 4
Repeat the cycle number 5
Wanna hate be ma guest i suggest .....
we waded nigga

You wanna sip Mo\' on my living room flo\'
Play Nintendo with cease-a-Leo
Pick up my phone say, \"Baker not home\"
Sex all night, 
mad head in the morn\'
Spin my V, smoke all my weed
Tattoo on tit-tie sayin Baker Smalls now check it
You wanna be my main squeeze baby
you wanna gimme what I need baby
picture life as my wife,,,,just think
Bracelets to match, 
conversation was all that
Showed you the safe combinations and all that
Guess you could say youse the one I trusted
Who would ever think that you would spread like mustard?

And we\'ve waded through the suffering and pain
And bitches ride the dick like the A-train

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