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Food On The Table by KizAza



Hunn KizAza,
True story now, 
it\'s my life
We been through all kind of shits 
you can\'t even imagine nigga
But we made it; 
came from the bottom now we\'re here
Niggas know what i mean

[ VERSE 1 ]

I remember your old time dream
you grew to be a creamy girl 
putting boots mini-skirts on
I saw your picture 
you and daddy craze in love
Nobody coulda thought that 
i was gonna be born, me
That i was gonna be 
stubborn like any child
Run up and down, 
fall down like any other pal
You couldn\'t breastfeed me, 
i don\'t know why
But my conviction that\'s maybe  
the reason we\'re living a lie
But i don’t want you to go 
before you see me fly
To the highest sky mama 
till my weed is bright
But that was crazy mom 
it\'s up and down the way to life
When i was kid is probably 
when i even got you laughing
But then came the war in ninety-six, 
Luis turned six
Fabrice tied on your back 
till it\'s dark
Way back, 
Daddy went a different way 
we had to track
Tell me who gon\' put Food 
On The Table, nigga


That\'s way back
Maybe that\'s the only reason 
why we apart
That\'s way back...

[ VERSE 2 ]

Tell me who\'s gon put Food 
On the table
My mom stuck in the middle
My damn self i was little, nigga
Tell me who woulda known i was belittled
My dad where he was hidden, 
no die you gotta struggle, nigga
Upon the banana truck, 
we gotta track
The way to BK thru them park
And when it\'s BK no dime
Slept on the floor kinda kinda

[ HOOK ]

Upon the banana truck, we gotta track
The way to BK thru them park, nigga
And when it\'s BK no dime, nigga
Slept on the floor kinda kinda, nigga

[ HOOK till FADE ]

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