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Jah Guide Me by Exodus

Genre: Religious Posted On: 2024-04-16 05:52:55     922 Views

Exodus UG, a stalwart in the realm of Gospel music, unveils his latest piece, Jah Guide Me, a heartfelt anthem of faith and divine guidance.

Known by his birth name Lubega George Timothy, Exodus UG showcases his decades of experience as a singer and performer in this soul-stirring composition.

Produced and engineered by the talented Nick Pro Kungoma, and meticulously fine-tuned by the skilled hands of Herbert Skillz, Jah Guide Me embodies the essence of spiritual devotion and reliance on the divine.

Translating to Lord Guide Me, the song serves as a reminder of the omnipresent need for divine intervention in every aspect of life.

Through Exodus UG's emotive vocals and uplifting melodies, listeners are transported on a journey of faith and surrender, finding solace in the assurance that they are not alone in their struggles.

Jah Guide Me emerges as more than just a song but as a beacon of hope and strength, reaffirming Exodus UG's status as a revered figure in the Gospel music landscape, whose music continues to inspire and uplift souls across generations.

Exodus in Jah Guide Me - Free MP3 Download
Exodus in new song, JAH GUIDE ME.

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