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Wewe featuring Scorpion Shabba by Alien Skin

Genre: Dancehall Posted On: 2024-04-16 19:44:51     1849 Views

Fan Gone Forest Entertainment's top boss, Alien Skin, known by his real name Mulwana Patrick, has dropped a sensational new track titled WEWE, featuring label mate and recording artist Scorpion Shabba.

This infectious song exudes a feel-good vibe, propelled by a bubbly beat that is bound to get listeners grooving.

In WEWE, Alien Skin confidently asserts his status as a top-ten artist, backed by a myriad of reasons that showcase his undeniable talent and charisma.

Wewe by Alien Skin X Scoprion Shabba - Free MP3 Download
Alien Skin in new single, Wewe.

With his signature style and captivating delivery, Alien Skin effortlessly captivates audiences, cementing his position as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Teaming up with Scorpion Shabba, the duo's chemistry shines through, creating an electrifying atmosphere that elevates the track to new heights.

WEWE not only serves as a testament to Alien Skin's prowess as an artist but also highlights the collaborative spirit within Fan Gone Forest Entertainment.

As the song spreads its infectious energy, it solidifies Alien Skin's reputation as a musical powerhouse, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what he'll deliver next.

Have a quick listen to this single and leave your criticism below.

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