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Secret Love by Mr Vybs

A know ma self
She knows my love
Buh all is a secret (it’s a secret)
Mr vybs turn it up

Part 1
Everyday and night a could dream
Am not sure buh she felt ma feelings
And all the time a saw her a did smiling
Great to have them secret lovers
Annamaria am sorry turn around
A know men are workin hard be yours (be yours)
A simple guy mr vybs in the race
Give a chance whoever am try me
A know yo only one a can love
Don’t try to hesitate about this
Without you a know a cant be ma self
Identify this wi secret lovers
Am one of those guys, coin makers
A know u also like city coons
Buh try me…God is workin
Wi gwan get money and be rich gal

When with uuu my gal a feel better
For this secret love my gal wig wan higher X2

Part 2
My first time a met her dreamin
Her lovely face was very attractin
Sexy smile, this gal is ma fittin
All she looks round, shes searching
Am the only to show her what is lovin
Blessed to ma gal, yo ma livin
Mi gwan love upto de time mi yuh dieng
Switch to better, call me mr vybs-gal

When with uuu my gal a feel better
For this secret love my gal wig wan higher X2

Part 3
Mi yuh she she mas beautiful princess
Di only gal who gwan kip mi incess
When mi stressed she yuh take mi of stress
Alla di buoys come date she go chase
Mi gwan love yuh en slope to the radios
Alla di nations view us on the TVs
Tis time mi hold yuh to the highness
And, wi struggle to di beat
Respect to all #TeamMrvybs
Vybs planet plus all di planets
And to you mi friends and enemies
In the country and those over seas
For this gal Annamaria no cease
 A seh a wu no release
Come closer to me for the kiss “mwaaah”
Am yo one and only mr vybs in love gal

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