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Sing Along Lyrics

Bad People by Tucker HD


Hook. (x2)
Good ideas
I keep giving bad people good ideas
I keep giving bad people good ideas
I keep giving bad people good ideas

Verse 1.
They say you're outstanding 
if your flow's from within
I take a knee, 
thank the Lord for the wins
Turn around and spend more on the sins
Far more than on my closest of kin
My jeans sagged, 
they said I had no manners
I was broke, couldn't balance 
if I had no balance
Now I flex heavyweights, 
throw their tracks off balance
Enygma and I should do a Mask Off challenge
He, tells me I'm the future with the raps
Ironic, growing up's a trap
Pray that no lives get taken away 
coz death comes
When you're around DMC 
so when I Rev, run..
Kyo kituufu, nkyasooka
Dime in the dirt, 
ninga akuba bulooka
Send subs, not subtweets, 
sabs, as in sabbawa, tukyakooka.


Verse 2.
Now my verses scripture 
like a perfect picture
Few believed when it was still a silhouette
Taught to never see it, 
always be the threat
On my journey to my best 
I'm still to get
Bar raising, 
there's a couple still to set
Ever keep in check, 
never be in debt
Work more, thirst less
So I don't sweat women, 
I make, women wet
Can't register any losses, none
Only thing I ever lost is nan
Only girl I ever lost was mom
Hope they're proud of the man 
that their boy's become
Drive's at an all time high, 
for the pinnacle
They admire my reflection 
and they mirror ko
But they can never imitate a miracle
Speak up, oh it ain't about money? 


Car engine revving


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