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Abafirimbi by Sir Mathias Walukagga

Genre: Local Single Posted On: 2023-06-08 05:53:03     768 Views

Kadongo Kamu's award winning singer, song writer, recording and performing artiste Sir Mathias Walukagga, has released a brand new single titled Abafirimbi.

Abafirimbi is a luganda word that can be loosely translated to mean Whistlers.

It's a single that has the Kyengera Town Council Lord Mayor calling upon citizens to report criminals performing artocities, corruption, emblezzlement and theft to authorities.

Abafirimbi by Sir Mathias Walukagga | Free MP3 Download
The award wining singer, Sir Mathias Walukagga

In Abafirimbi, Sir Mathias Walukagga picks our mind(s) about the current inflation in the country, high rates of unemployment and continued land grabbing, plus the possible solutions to reduce/curb this vice.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

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