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Sweet Love featuring Ole And Ego by Davis Vinto

Genre: Religious Posted On: 2023-09-13 11:42:47     1174 Views

Just when you think there is no hope anymore and your sins can never be forgiven, Jesus always pops up and blow your minds with His ever-lasting unconditional love.

The dynamic duo, Ole & Ego together with Davis Vinto inspired by the Holy Spirit through John 3:16 have lined up a massive project titled Sweet Love.

Sweet Love is a song that talks about the greatest love of Christ which is so dependable, and reliable with no condition.

On releasing this single Davis Vinot wrote

Where in the world would you find a man that will accept you, receive you love you unconditionally, and die for you for your transgression. I call it the sweetest love out of this world.

Ole And Ego X Davis Vinto in Sweet Love
Gospel Music's duo, Ole and Ego

Take His love and your life will never be same in Jesus name.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

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