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Mubede by Lena Price

Genre: Religious Posted On: 2023-11-27 11:45:06     1313 Views

Gospel music's award winning singer, vocalist, dancer, recording and performing artiste Lena Price has released a brand new praise and worship single titled Mubede.

On releasing this single Lena Price wrote,

Mubede is a lusoga word from a tribe in eastern Uganda ! Which means BIG BIG in luganda it can be called Munene which still means big or almighty awesome all powerful I’n this song I used it to refer to how God is big and all powerful and nothing can stop me from serving him ! The rest of my life A lot has happened to me in a short time to shake my faith ! I made losses in my business ,family fights I can’t mention ! I lost on 6 nominations ! I can’t forget how I gathered my self in Shame to get out of the award ceremony building ! My eyes avoided contact with anyone cause I literally felt very small ! Very many things I can’t mention happened to shake my faith ! In this song I confessed that nothing will stop from serving God ,! Nothing will stop raggea Nothing will shutdown a fully charged battery ? I can go alowbit but it can’t shut Meanwhile God loves us all

Mubede was engineered, mastered, mixed and produced by the award-winning audio producer and sound engineer, Producer Andre On The Beat.

Check out this new single by clicking the download button below, let us know what you think about this new song.

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