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Olungiya by Brian Lubega

Genre: Religious Posted On: 2023-11-25 22:25:37     643 Views

Gospel Music's top talent, the award-winning Praise and Worship vocalist, singer, songwriter, recording and performing artiste Brian Lubega, has released a new single titled Olungiya.

Olungiya is a Luganda word that can be translated to mean Beautify.

In this single, Brian Lubega sings about the awesomeness and beauty of having and involving the Lord almighty in your life.

Brian Lubega In Olungiya - Free MP3 Download
Brian Lubega in new single, Olungiya

On releasing this single he wrote,

Olungiya is a song that speaks about God being in the business of beautifying seasons, this song is double-edged in nature it has both the thanksgiving edge and the prophetic edge. this song paints a picture that we can sing our future in the now. As the psalmist draws us to the same experience in Psalms 57:8 wake up, my heart! wake up, O lyre and harp! I will wake the dawn with my song. so, when the dawn seems long due choose to sing and awaken the things that make you come alive when the darkness surrounds you.

Olungiya was mastered, mixed, and produced by Sam Bisaso.

Have a quick listen to this single and give us Your feedback!

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