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N D O N G O by Ambroy Ngaruye

Genre: Uga Flow Posted On: 2023-12-09 09:20:35     4109 Views

Western Music's trending and fresh artiste, the versatile singer, rapper, recording, and performing artiste Ngaruye Ambrose, has released a brand new single titled Ndongo.

The gifted gem who is on the rise for his hit single I Want To Party [I Need A Gu Loan] with Crooze F.M's Starcent Dj and Paff Bouy, is here to prove that he is more than just a one-hit wonder.

Ndongo by Ambroy - Free MP3 Download
Ambroy in new single, Ndongo

In Ndongo, Ambroy releases a new party anthem for partygoers and revelers while sharing a bit of his musical life journey.

On releasing this single he wrote

I have always been drawn inward. A loner. Wandering about in the infinite expanse of my imagination. On a constant mind expedition. That's how I stumbled upon my love for music. And then I became purposeful again. But even after then, it still wasn't easy. I want to share with you how that journey has unfolded (still unfolding) so you can understand why I'm doing this and also show you why you need to trust your own gut & imagination to ultimately discover your own passion because it's only then that you'll figure out who you truly are. This one's for all the dreamers.

It was mastered, mixed, and produced by the fast-rising audio producer, Instramento in Clean Sound Records.

Have a quick listen to this single and give us Your feedback!

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