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Wakisa Nyo by Dpass Rhymes

Genre: Religious Posted On: 2023-11-27 18:37:50     641 Views

Levels Music Fellowships's evangelist, singer, song writer and performer Dpass Rhymes has released a brand new single titled WaKaisa.

Wakisa is a luganda word that can be translated to Jesus Is So Merciful.

On releasing this single Dpass Rhymes wrote

This song is dedicated to all the non believers who have not yet received JesusChrist as their personal Lord and Saviour. The man I'm speaking about came on earth to preach and share God's love to us the Humans. This man Jesus Christ came to reveal to us the Kingdom of God. The man am taking about was crucified on the Cross for you and me. The reason as to why I sang this song is to share the grace of God to the world through his son JesusChrist. JesusChrist is so merciful. Even in your sin, He still welcomes you and gives you a chance, a room and a piece of mind to come back to him. As an international gospel artist, I argue all the people to get this song and listen to the message. I assure you, your life is not going to remain the same if you accept JesusChrist as your personal Lord and savior. He is so Merciful. He is so loving He is so caring He is so forgiving, He is so gentle. He can handle your situation.

Wakisa Nyo by Dpass Rhymes - Free MP3 Download
Gospel Minister, Dpass Rhymes

This brand new single was mastered, produced and mixed by the gifted audio producer and sound engineer, Josh Willz.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

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