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Shena Skies - Ayagadde Mune

Video Review Posted On: 11th June 2019     3017 Views

The multi-talented singer, vocalist, song writer and performing artiste Namagembe Sheena who is popularly known as Shena Skies has released a new urban rythm and blues singles titled Ayagadde Mune which was mastered and produced by Skills On The Beat and Shot Gun Record's Nessim Pan Production.

Ayagadde Mune is an acknowledgement of how love is probably the most mutual need that every human needs, be them Moslem, Christian, Local, Royal, Rich or Poor.

And how beautiful a sight it is when two people truly love and care for each other which usually you can tell from how their skin glows hence the reference gusinga bizigo kunyiliza. Whatever you do, do it well and so to Shena Skies if she is going to love she is going to set example for how two people can become one.

The chorus is a from the view of the third party saying or how these two have loved each other Omwana Ayagadde Mune.

The visuals of this single are out as well and they were captured by the award winning cinematograper Grate Make Pest with the styling done by Solomon Tazibone of Kredibility Styling and the artiste's make up done by Dk face Beat.

Shena Skies is one of those must watch talents in the new skool breed that is commanding attention in the music industry with her song writing skills after penning chart topping singles such as Jangu Ondaabe by Spice Diana, Bye Bye Ex by Fille Music and More Of This by Slick Stuart and Roja featuring Rema Namakula.

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